Bodo chiropractic

BoDo Chiropractic is a family-owned, holistic chiropractic clinic located in the heart of downtown Boise. While their business has been wildly successful since their opening in 2012, their rapid business growth meant some key elements of brand development took the backseat while they focused on patient care. As I have had the pleasure of working alongside owners and chiropractors Dr. Jennifer Dorn and Dr. Kyle Blevins, we have taken the time to truly identify their purpose, their culture, their philosophy as it relates to patient care, and the overall message they want to send out into the world.

“Danielle challenged us to look at our brand from a completely different perspective. Using a storytelling approach, we can now share who we are without having to say anything at all. You just have to look at our website and the message is so strong, it resonates with everyone who looks at it and attracts exactly the clientele we want to see."


Building the brand foundation for BoDo Chiropractic brought endless opportunities for ​collaboration with local agencies to curate the look and feel necessary to tell their story. Because every client I work with is different and carries with them their own unique needs and limitations, I work with different artistic teams and locations based on those traits. One of BoDo Chiropractic's unique business qualities is their location. Positioned in the "BoDo" area of Downtown Boise, BoDo Chiropractic is located just above Slow by Slow Coffee Bar, Tasso, and Solid Grill. Because of this, their office is not known to have the best lighting. This challenged me to seek out a space that would convey to their general office vibes and the feeling they want their patients to have when they do make it into their office. To accomplish this, I reserved the boutique 26th Street Studio in Boise's North End to film new video content for the website with the help of Vierra Reid, Owner of Idaho Jones Creative and team member of Art of Visuals. The space was everything I imagined it would be and the content we were able to produce within the space was nothing short of magical.

Dr. Kyle demonstrating his go-to foam rolling techniques.
Dr. Kyle demonstrating his go-to foam rolling techniques.
Dr. Kyle demonstrating his go-to foam rolling techniques.